By: Grant | July 27, 2015

Hi everyone,

I did write a massive post on how I came to get the R9 290X but my work machine BSOD whilst doing so and I dont have time on lunch any more to rewrite it. I shall give a summary.

I purchased the R9 290X 4gb version second hand for £150. It came with an NZXT G10 cooler bracked + a Kraken X31. Tried the card in the sellers PC and it crashed during any slightly intensive task. Even the screensaver killed it. Tried it in my machine and the same issue. Guy offered me a full refund if the card was faulty. 

Took the card home to test, card worked fine (lots of fans pointed at it) and had an average temp of 65C Idle which crept up to 75C and 80C whilst attempting to trouble shoot. My next test was to see if the pump was working.

Unplugged the card and just plugged in the pump and a fan into the appropriate fan headers. I already had NZXT Cam installed on my PC so plugged the pump into USB. Using the cam software I found the pump was at 0RPM however the fans could be controlled fine. 

I told this information to the guy and he decided to give me another graphics card as well as the r9 290x! A KFA2 670 EX OC 2gb. Said I could sell it to cover the cost of a new pump. 

So now I have a nice GPU to sell and have since purchased a Kraken X41 which JUST fits inside my corsair 300R case in between the lower HDD cage and the upper drive bay. By just I mean it scrapes down both sides with a tight fit. 

The benifit of this is that my GPU is no longer an 80C Air cooled at full load causing case temps to increase but also because of my CPU AIO (Antec Kuhler) the higher case temps also increased my CPU temps as it is sat as an exhaust cooler. 

CPU temps are down 10C from the GPU swap and GPU temps at full load dont go above 70C with a very hot ambient and powering 3 screens at 5760x1080!

Off to carry on working as my lunch break is up! 

Thanks for reading this update. See you guys later! 

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