By: Grant | July 18, 2016

Hey everyone! Just thought I would let you all know I have recently updated my RIG. Things are going well as I have replaced my power supply from a 750w BeQuiet! to a 1600W EVGA Supernova G2. I have also added another 2 graphics cards, giving me 3 x R9 290x in total! One of which is water-cooled the other 2 are a reference design, however I have ordered the brackets to allow for closed loop cooling on these as well.

With the addition of graphics cards came the addition of heat which i have helped try and solve by upgrading to a larger case with more airflow. I have gone from my Corsair Carbide 300r to a nice big CoolerMaster Haf X, with 3 x 200mm fans, 1 on the front, 1 at the top and 1 at the side. CPU water cooler mounted to read in a pus...

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